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October Ambassador Spotlight: Paula Corey

Paula Corey – Customer Experience Professional

What brought you into the energy field? 
I was working for a large Wall Street Financial firm at the Chicago Board of Trade and had the opportunity to travel to New York frequently. This allowed me to meet people that I supported and spoke with on a daily basis. It is always so nice when you can meet a person face to face and this was well before the time that any technology supported meeting anyone on the internet since there was no internet. A few of these co-workers/friends were recruited to a company in Houston that was looking for financial professionals and they invited me to interview. I had a brother who lived in Houston and thought “why not” – I was impressed with the innovative company and was offered an interesting position, packed up my children and never looked back. That company was Enron and provided me with the most fascinating and educational years of my professional career and, more importantly, lifelong friends that I treasure to this day.

What has been your proudest moment or greatest achievement in your career in energy, to date?
Tough question, there have been so may proud moments. My most recent would be having the honor of working as a part of the ComEd Customer Experience team and Care Center. The support and empowerment from the executive team to be out working in the community, assisting and supporting our customers not only through our Care Center but partnering with communities. We sponsored an event in one of our very western counties working with the farm bureau to meet our customers where they are and it was so rewarding and educational. I was so proud of our teams and the support we received from all parts of the organization and it was fun.

How did you find out about WEN, and why did you join? What are you hoping to gain from your role as an ambassador? What prompted you to become an ambassador?
I was invited to join the Chicago WEN by our then CEO who was the catalyst for ComEd to support the Chicago chapter. I have been a member ever since until I retired earlier this year and have enjoyed every minute.   

I was asked to be an ambassador when I announced my retirement. I have met amazing women through WEN and was happy to join the ambassador team. The pandemic has provided new challenges with physical events and remote work for the majority of our members. WEN’s mission to provide networking opportunities and foster the career and leadership development of women who work in energy industries is more important than ever as we continue to build our networks. Being an ambassador keeps me in touch with these women and the industry. 
What advice has resonated with you for your career/do you have any advice for others?
Retiring offers time to examine what motivated me and a look back at my working years. It's a chance to look back at what purpose drove me to make the decisions and review what I did throughout all the years of my career. Looking at what advice I could offer, from that perspective, I think about my dad. When I first started working, he said the most important part of any job will be the people with whom you interact. You should always consider what may be happening in their lives, always be nice and listen. Seems simple, but it’s true. We all have certainly experienced this in the past 19 months. My personal advice – never say NO to any opportunity, it may seem scary but there are amazing opportunities and people out there just waiting to help you succeed and most of all … Have fun!