Strategic Plan

In 2020, the WEN Board of Directors enacted a Strategic Business Plan, incorporating input from WEN Chapters and numerous stakeholders in the WEN community. The plan will guide WEN’s growth and development to achieve strategic goals and to attract and serve a more global and diverse membership. The plan is direction-setting and is to be implemented incrementally and over time. As illustrated in this high-level illustration, WEN’s vision is for members to be connected locally, networked globally.

In 2021, the Global Board of Directors approved the formation of two task force groups that would further their strategic plan goals. These two task forces are outlined below.

Power & Utilities Task Force
The purpose of the Power & Utilities Task Force is to help guide WEN's outreach to and programs for women in the power and energy utilities sector. Chaired by Adrienne Himmelberger, the task force is comprised of ten members who's specific duties are outlined below.

-Identify power and utility companies, co-ops, and local distribution companies in North America and assist with determining the best contacts within those companies
-Reach out to targeted individuals/companies as assigned
-Review and revise WENformation presentation to include more information tailored to this audience
-Evaluate the benefits offered by WEN and WINUP to help define the value proposition of being a member of both organizations
-Identify potential partnership opportunities to grow WEN membership
-Provide ideas on programs WEN can offer to benefit women in the power and utilities sector, specifically working with the WEN Conference Speakers & Program Committee to ensure representation in the programming
-At the conclusion of the task force’s work, provide a report to the Global Board on activities undertaken and the outcomes that resulted

Digital Technology Task Force
The purpose of the Digital Technology Task Force is to recommend a sustainable platform for WEN's website, event management and membership database. The taskforce should also evaluate potential integration or automation for email accounts, mass email communications, file storage, surveys, membership engagement and collaborative forums. Chaired by Meronaca Davis, the task force is formed by a representative drawn from WEN's membership and determined by the WEN President based on the basis of their interest and/or experience relevant to the responsibilities of the task force. Specific duties of this task force are outlined below.

-Identify and prioritize digital technology needs of WEN HQ, board members, WEN chapters and WEN members
-Evaluate the Cloud based membership platform WEN currently uses
-Explore any potential add-on / plug-in features that could enhance experiences across WEN