President’s Message

While 2020 may have taken us by surprise, we now find ourselves in a position to assess critical next moves as individuals, as organizations, as an industry, and as a community. The world now operates differently. Dramatic shifts have occurred in our energy industry. Work, life, and career norms are dynamically different. Simple interactions and engagement are forever altered. 

The shifts of 2020 raise questions and challenges that will need to be met by us. Each and every one of us are integral. As such, this year is destined to be a year of rebuilding for many in our WENCO community. Rebuilding requires concentrated thought and effort from individuals within organizations and communities. As we embark on this journey, I challenge us to intentionally rebuild in 2021. Simply stated, our annual theme is: Be Intentional.

Rather than focusing on how things have been done previously in our careers, in our companies, and in our industry, lets envision how we’d like them to be done in the future. For those who are in an uncomfortable job transition, what skills do we need to rebuild our careers for the future? How can we modify our companies to meet this new era? Exactly how do we rebuild our companies and industry intentionally? 

Thankfully, our leadership team is focused on developing programming, events, and networking opportunities with the intent to give light to voices, ideas, and tools for our community to rebuild and plant lasting seeds for our future. Our 2021 panels, workshops, and events are carefully designed to spark progress towards rebuilding and rebuilding with intention. 

While not easy or comfortable, it is rewarding to build. We invite you to join our members on a journey to reimagine their careers, their companies, their industry, and their community with intention. 

Caley Van Cleave
WEN Colorado Chapter President
[email protected]