President’s Message

The past two years have brought about so many new challenges, changes, and choices for us all. We've reprogrammed how we interact with one another as a society. Meanwhile, we're persisting through cascading effects that took on our careers, communities, families, and even individual priorities. Unshockingly, we've reprioritized where we spend our time, who we spend our time with, and why we spend time with them - from the companies we work for to where we transact daily work tasks.

While these shifts have ricocheted across our Colorado Energy Community at large, we've gained intense clarity on a simple truth in the past two years: we are stronger together. 

Our WENCO 2022 theme, Powered to Empower, underscores that newfound importance of connectedness that you can only achieve when all energy sectors and skillsets work together. We're giving our members the space to be surrounded by people (in-person and virtually) who want to see you thrive. We're ready to build the habit of endorsing one another's strengths. We celebrate the new, pandemic-enlightened leader you are evolving into, wherever you lead. I call it "viral sponsorship" because we rise by lifting others.

So as you flex and explore the right priorities for you, join us in 2022 at one of our events and continue your membership. We're loading the calendar with unique things like a new leadership series and classic events like our annual scholarship fundraisers.

John F. Kennedy is frequently quoted as stating, "The rising tide raises all boats." Together, we'll be the tidal wave of good. 

I am looking forward to seeing you this year!

Jenni Sparks, MBA
President, Women's Energy Network Colorado (2022)
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