Peer Groups

WENCO Peer Groups are a member-only benefit designed to increase the value and engagement of our members' experience. Peer Groups are small groups of 5-10 members that meet on an ongoing basis, in addition to regularly scheduled WENCO events. Members who participate in these groups will convene over a shared passion or interest with the support, advice and encouragement of like-minded peers.

  • Financially Fit
    This group will have you thinking more intentionally about your finances.  The Group Lead will facilitate regular virtual meetings that will provide you with a better understanding around how to plan, budget and invest for your future including specific topics such as investing 101, insurance, how to fund college, estate planning, etc.  This will provide you with more financial education so that you can make more intentional decisions which will help you navigate any market environment or personal situation that comes your way. Being intentional about your finances means you set yourself up for success by having a plan that you can manage but make intentional adjustments along the way to reach your goals.   
  • WENCO Gals Fore Golf
    Interested in playing some sunset-nines, easy scrambles, or some driving range dates to get your swing on? Join your fellow WENCO ladies on the linx fore fun! This peer group will arrange times to meet and play golf at courses around Denver, depending on peer group member schedules and skills. Meet some new friends in the Energy community, enjoy the great outdoors, and laugh! No handicaps required – all levels welcome.
  • On Cloud Wine
    This group is purely social, with the focus on tasting and sharing wine both virtually and in-person. As we bond over these shared experiences, our goal is to create a trust group to share both problems and successes with, both in our personal and professional lives. This group will meet monthly on either Wednesdays or Thursdays through a combination of online and in-person opportunities. 

Time, location and frequency of these groups is dependent on the group lead. If you are interested in learning more, or leading a peer group, please complete the interest form and we will reach out with more details!  

If you are interested in joining a group but aren't yet a member, email us at [email protected] to get the process started.

Interested in Leading a Peer Group?
If you are a current WENCO member who is looking to get more involved in the organization, a Peer Group Lead might be the role for you! We are seeking passionate leaders to create and facilitate virtual peer groups in 2021 in an area that interests you. If you would like to learn more about getting started, please reach out to Brecken Gillmore at [email protected].