WENCO Mentor Program

Our mentor program launched in 2020 with the goal of training a group of volunteers on how to be a good mentor. In 2021, we incorporated members from that program with members looking to find connections through networking and mentorship by creating Mentor Circles.
What is a mentor circle?
Mentor circles serve to maximize the peer-to-peer benefit of mentor-mentee relationships by maintaining intimate opportunities for mentoring while maximizing the efficiency of facilitation. Circles include two organizers (mentors) and four-six members (mentees) and are formulated based on a variety of factors, including location and personal goals. 

What is the goal of the Mentor Program?
The goal of the WENCO mentor program is to build confidence, develop meaningful relationships, and foster a safe environment to grow, learn and discuss.

What content will be covered throughout this program?
The theme of the 2021 mentor program is “Intentional Confidence.” Mentor circles are currently meeting to discuss the following topics:

 1. Personal Reality: Determine your benchmark and discuss internal contentment including external influences and pressures.
 2. Your Story & Leadership Voice: What makes you who you are today? We’ll discuss formative experiences and results of GiANT’s 5 Voices.
 3. Values: What are your personal values and how do they influence your decision making?
 4. Unique Purpose: What is your personal why? We’ll discuss your personality, experience and influence.
 5. Influence: Identify influence and ways to improve, both formally and informally.
 6. Communication & Crucial Conversations: The process to have better conversations. Identifying conflict and personal tendencies in order to get the best outcome.
Where can I apply to be a mentor or mentee? And when are applications due?
The 2021 program is currently underway! Information about our 2022 program will be available in January.
How can I become a sponsor of the program?
Sponsorship comes with exciting marketing benefits, your logo on the program registration page, social media promotion, a brief speaking opportunity or script describing your company or organization and complimentary registrations when applicable. If you would like to sponsor this program or a future program or event, please reach out to the Sponsorship team at [email protected]