Week of WENCO

Monday, October 26-Friday, October 30 | 12:00 PM (MT) Daily

This year’s inaugural WENCO Summit and Annual Luncheon has gone virtual! In addition to moving this event online, we have split it up into manageable bites, offering one, 60-minute session per day. The “Week of WENCO” is focused on our 2020 theme: Be Resilient. In your career. In your personal life. In your community. From lessons of leadership to learning about how to lead conversations across sectors, each session will provide you with knowledge and advice from some of the top leaders of our industry.

Thanks to our sponsors, every ticket purchased is a direct donation to our Kelly de la Torre Scholarship Program, which provides funds for young Colorado women pursuing STEM education after high school.

So what are you waiting for?!? Buy your ticket for one day or the full week pass and join us for a "Week of WENCO" so you can celebrate and support the future women of the energy industry.

Monday | October 26 | 12:00 PM (MT)
sponsored by Xcel Energy
Leadership: 5 Ways to Make (or break) Your Career, presented by Anna Conrad, Impact Leadership Solutions

You are faced with choices and opportunities every day that impact your success, both big and small. Using her experience coaching and training thousands of leaders across the world, Anna Conrad shares the five critical things that will make or break your career.

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Tuesday | October 27 | 12:00 PM (MT)
sponsored by DCP Midstream
Energy360: The Energy Narrative, moderated by Sarah Derdowski, CU-Denver Global Energy Management
Panelists: Jennifer Bredt, Energies Systems Americas, Jennifer Gremmert, Energy Outreach Colorado, Susan Fakharzadeh, Great Western Petroleum and Tom Hunt, Pivot Energy

In a social environment where the predominant message is the call for the replacement of fossil fuels with alternative energies, such as wind and solar, the energy conversation has become very polarized. While we all use energy, most of us do not understand where it comes from or that all forms of energy, fossil fuels and renewables, generally face opposition from local communities because of the “not in our backyard” mentality. Communicating the fact that we all use energy and that someone, somewhere is being impacted, whether it is an individual, a community, or the environment, has become challenging. In addition, we are all aware of our impact and work very hard to meet community expectations and be good partners. How has your industry tried to communicate your need to be in and work with communities? What opposition have you faced? Has your message been received? If not, how have you revised your strategies?

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Wednesday | October 28 | 12:00 PM (MT)
co-sponsored by Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame and Summit Utilities
Leadership: What They Say When You Are Not There, presented by Sharli Harley, Candid Culture

Are you someone your colleagues and customers WANT to work with or HAVE to work with? This session will teach you how to take the guessing out of working with others and improve your and your department's reputation by finding out how you're seen by your internal customers. The result? Building long lasting business relationships that outlast economic downturns, miscommunication and conflict.

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Thursday | October 29 | 12:00 PM (MT)
sponsored by Antero Resources
Energy360: The Great Land Battle: Commonalities in Land Use, moderated by Lisa Hamil, Energy360
Panelists: Dahvi Wilson, Apex Clean Energy, John Jacus, Davis Graham & Stubbs and Liz Titus, Hogan Lovells

Every form of energy needs land. Fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear, utilities, etc. But most consumers do not understand the need for land to provide the energy they use every day. Most legal issues facing land use are similar in nature, regardless of the form of energy, but there are some stark differences, especially in Colorado. For example, utilities can use eminent domain to get needed right-of-way for a transmission line. While, at the same time, Industries like oil and gas and wind are being banned, or severely restricted, in certain areas despite the fact that they are an equally important part of the energy supply chain. In addition, when energy development meets community development, how do we ensure that land use works well for both sides? What are the major issues facing all energy industries in acquiring land for end-user consumption? What do you see as the biggest obstacles facing the energy industry when it comes to land use/regulation and energy production?

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Friday | October 30 | 12:00 PM (MT)
sponsored by Holland & Hart
WENCO Annual Luncheon

Join us for our third annual – first virtual – WENCO Luncheon, where we gather to celebrate both renowned and upcoming leaders of our industry. As part of this event, we will introduce to you the two recipients of the 2020 Kelly de la Torre Scholarship before hearing from four energy leaders who will share their stories of leadership and resiliency, including:

• Chip Rimer, COO, Whiting Petroleum
• Crystal Heter, Chief Operation Officer, Tallgrass Energy
• Frances Koncilja, formerly Public Utilities Commission
• Sha-Chelle Manning, Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Cimarex Energy


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