Chapter News

Fellow WEN Greater New York City Chapter Members,

Despite difficult circumstances, we were able to bring some great virtual programming to our members in 2021 and continue our mentoring program. We are looking forward to continuing to connect with and serve our members in 2022, which will be the sixth year of the chapter. We have some open positions on the board for 2022 and 2023. Thankfully, a number of the existing Senior Board Members have agreed to continue past their original appointment, so new Senior Board Members will be able to partner with existing Senior Board Members. If you are interested, please consider getting involved. 

We are looking to fill the following open Senior Board positions in 2022 and 2023. We will transition to a new term in February 2022:  
President-Elect (1 year)/President (1 year): Performs all duties the President delegates to her. Holds the office of President the year immediately following her election as President-Elect.
Secretary (2 year): Documents the history of WEN and maintains accurate records. Serves as the custodian of WEN’s minutes and all other non-financial documents and property. Arranges and gives notice to the membership of annual or special meetings.
2 Mentoring Co-Chairs (2 year): Supervises and implements mentoring programming for the membership with the advice of the Directors. Coordinates recruitment of mentors, matching process and kick-off of program. Coordinates special events with Co-Programming Directors. 
1 Programming Co-Chair (2 years): Identifies, develops, and implements WEN program strategy. Oversees and coordinates WEN events. Coordinates special events with other Committees.
2 Marketing & Communications Co-Chairs (2 years): Oversees the WEN marketing strategy and presents new ideas to keep the brand and marketing initiatives relevant. Oversees and monitors the WEN brand and positioning as well as manages all WEN communications. Maintains and enhances the WEN website and ensures the WEN website reflects the most up-to-date information.
2 Membership and Sponsorship Co-Chairs (2 years): Develops strategies and evaluates membership needs, including new member growth plans, where appropriate. Ensures a high level of member retention and satisfaction. maintains the membership database
2 Sponsorship and Membership Co-Chairs (2 years): Identifies, develops, and implements WEN strategy regarding sponsorships. Coordinates with WEN Board of Directors concerning recommended prospects for WEN sponsorships necessary to sustain and support WEN. Monitors membership and communicate with corporate members. 
Junior Board Members (1 year): Assists and supports the Senior Board. Junior Board members will be assigned to one of the above specific committees or to assist the President, Secretary or Treasurer. 
If you would like to become part of the Board to shape what WEN Greater NYC brings to our members going forward, please consider nominating yourself by emailing me at [email protected]

In addition to indicating the position(s) of interest, all we need is your bio. Feel free to include your questions in the email as well. If you would like to encourage someone you know to run for the Board, please forward them this message. Nominations will be accepted until January 17, 2022. 

We look forward to the nominations and will be in touch about casting your ballot.

Beth Gould Creller, 2022 President
Women’s Energy Network
Greater New York City Chapter