President’s Message

January 2020
This year is really about finding ways that we can support our members with usefully
programmed events, and opportunities to create a connection with a real community. That
connection is what I have found with WEN and it is my hope that every member finds the
same. This connection may take a different shape and size for each of us, but it is often
about small acts of support or collegiality.
We hope our members will find opportunities to expand their networks or learn something
that can help them achieve their goals among a welcoming group of determined and
accomplished colleagues. The energy industry is evolving in the face of new demands
and expectations and we on the board all hope that WEN Greater NYC will continue to
serve the amazing pool of talented women who are working in the Greater New York area
to address those challenges.

Update – May 2020
2020 is presenting many challenges we did not expect – a worldwide pandemic, social
turmoil on issues of race and an increased need to examine how we all treat each other.
WEN GNYC remains committed to serving our members and creating a community on
which they can rely. We support with absolute dedication WEN National’s recent
statement acknowledging the issues of race and social justice at the forefront of all of our
minds today and the need to work harder to address these issues. Despite all of the
difficulties, we continue to see acts of generosity and kindness among our members and
to have hope that our chapter can be a source of support and strength as we face the
future together. 

Vanessa Wilson
WEN Greater New York City Chapter President