President’s Message

2020 was a very difficult year for all of us and in 2021 we continue to face a number of challenges.  We are all working hard to meet family obligations and be productive working remotely.  At the same time, the energy industry is in flux seeking to address the serious concerns surrounding climate change and forced labor while still advancing the energy transition.  WEN GNYC continues to work to benefit our members with the goal of maintaining the warm and reliable community we have established in the last five years among a very accomplished group of women.  We remain committed to creating opportunities for our members to connect with other women working in the energy industry in the Greater New York area and to support each other despite the turmoil that surrounds us.  Our community endures and we are very proud we have been able to offer beneficial virtual programming and to launch our mentoring program which will return for the second year in the Fall of 2021.  

We remain dedicated to serving our members and are hopeful we can continue to provide useful information and thoughtful support as we go forward.  We find hope and inspiration from the generosity and kindness of our members and the larger community of the Women’s Energy Network.     

Vanessa Wilson
WEN Greater New York City Chapter President