President’s Message

There is a line in a hymn that goes, “this is a day of new beginnings, time to remember, and move on.” Move on? Wise words, but I don’t know about you, I am still trying to pull myself out of 2018! I am pretty sure I have check list items from last year that have carried over into 2019. 

As I speak with a number of our WENGP members, we all face similar struggles. Yes, we are excited for the new year and the wonderful things we will be doing as members of WENGP, but as a group of working professionals, the question lingers…where will I get the energy to accomplish everything I feel pressure to accomplish? We are pulled in so many ways. Career? Family? Friends? (if you are blessed to have them) Community? And if you are woman, you know this last one: Me?  

I have good news! Being active in WENGP has given me benefits in all the categories above. I came to the greater Philadelphia area less than 5 years ago. All my career relationships, friends, community, and even my oldest son, were left behind. It was both exciting, and terrifying. I am sincere when I say, WENGP has opened doors and relationships for me that otherwise would not have been. I have made what I believe will be long-lived and loved friends. I have been able to help my community, both local and far. We have laughed and shared, and learned via our educational programming. And yes, I have even gained business opportunities and networking. All of that makes me, and by proxy my family and work place, better. 

While our name, Women’s Energy Network, has career connotations, there is more to it. We all in one way or another work in, or support, the energy business. But, I will let you in on a secret, our organization can also be a source for you to find personal and professional energy. What you put in, will be given back to you, and more. It probably sounds corny: I always come away from our meetings energized. And if you have been to one, you know what I mean.  

I hope you will be a part of WENGP in 2019, helping us grow, educate, and support each other in the year ahead!

Lydia M. Work, LRS
President, WEN Greater Philadelphia Chapter