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Words of Wisdom from the Mentor Program Spring 2021 Workshop

In March, the mentors and mentees in this year’s WENH Mentor Program came together for our Spring Workshop. The theme, Beyond the Struggle, lent itself to a lot of discussion and sharing about what we’ve collectively been living through this past year and how to leverage all of that change to move forward and thrive in 2021.

Here are the key takeaways shared by our guest speaker, Angela Speight, SVP and COO, Petro Star Inc., who joined us all the way from Anchorage, Alaska.

1. Editing - The worst thing you can do is mindlessly do it the way it’s been done before. Don’t try to recreate – be choosy about what you keep and what you leave behind.
2. Meet people where they are - Don’t assume everyone will curry to your side when you roll out a new initiative or suggest a different path – there will be naysayers.  Meet your people where they are, then try to move to a more consistent and positive message reflecting on how the change will impact them in good ways.
3. Use your circle - Everyone has experience and expertise to share; be unafraid in reaching out to those people and find thought leaders that speak to areas where you seek to improve.
4. Do your homework - Always be the most prepared person at the table.  Approach every meeting with a list of items that must be resolved and leave each meeting with a plan for how to resolve them.
5. Get caught trying - If the market downturn has left you in transition, apply for that job, that one you don’t think you’re qualified for because you don’t meet the minimum number of years of experience or a certain certification.  Or ask to lead that project for your team – being the leader can be terrifying, but success or fail you will grow.  Change is a catalyst – embrace it, laugh, and harness it for your own development.

According to Angela, “Leveraging change is my buzz-word friendly way to say: Change is coming, and it’s a much healthier mindset to embrace it than rage against it.”

If you are interested in participating in our 2021-2022 Mentor Program, keep an eye out for applications opening in the summer or contact us at [email protected].

Young Women Energized Named Best Outreach Program

WEN Houston's Young Women Energized program was recognized as the Best Outreach Program during the 2019 World Oil Awards. The awards ceremony, now in its 18th year, seeks to recognize and honor the upstream oil and gas industry’s top innovations and innovators. The gala event drew more than 350 attendees.

One of the greatest challenges confronting the oil and gas industry is educating the younger generation about the value of the petroleum sector. This award spotlights the work that has been done to teach the general community about the oil and gas industry.