President’s Message

For more than a decade, WEN has inspired many in North Texas and we’re just getting started. As we begin our twelfth year, the North Texas Chapter of WEN remains committed to fulfilling its mission to provide networking opportunities and foster career and leadership development of women professionals working in the energy industry. 

The knowledge, experience, creativity, innovation, and passion of our collective resources drive us to move forward individually and professionally. Your 2021 WEN North Texas board of directors is dedicated to providing a premier platform for women and men across the energy value chain to ignite an engaging, inclusive, and accountable culture of education, growth, and empowerment. 

As we look across the industry in 2021, we seek to foster meaningful and sustainable growth within our chapter and its members. Our Mentoring Program seeks to empower its participants to be confident to lead more effectively each and every day through empathy, listening, persistence, and resilience. Our Community Education Outreach Committee focuses on providing opportunities for WEN members to educate North Texas students through partnerships with local schools to provide extracurricular energy education thereby, building up a community of future energy professionals. Our Charitable Fund Committee aims to enhance and expand the philanthropic and educational endeavors of WEN by promoting and engaging in educational, charitable, and STEM programming in order to enrich the lives of our members and the communities in which we operate. Our Executive Membership Program offers an innovative forum for executive leaders in the energy industry to network, exchange and develop new ideas, and to become visible role models. These programs and initiatives help our members to bring about positive change within themselves, their organizations, and the energy industry as a whole.

As an organization, let’s start the year with compassion, selflessness, mindfulness, and creativity to make a difference. I invite each of you to consider where your personal strengths and ambitions can reinforce the relevance and impact of the Women’s Energy Network. 

Teresa Garza
Weaver, Business Tax Services 
2021 President
Women’s Energy Network - North Texas