President’s Message

Field Trip - State Line Site Dig

Six members and three guests were hosted by ASC Group at the WEN Ohio Chapter in-person field trip to an active archaeological excavation site of a Native American Prehistoric Village dating from 1050 to 1275 A.D.  The group learned about the requirements, timeframe and costs of this type of in-depth archeological survey that can be required as part of the permitting process including pipeline projects. The group watched the 20 archaeologists, mostly women conduct the precise, yet tedious task of uncovering the buried artifacts using small metal trowels, dust pans and whisk brooms.  The group saw a sampling of recently excavated artifacts totaling 9, 000 + such as shell tempered pottery, part of stone pestle, a bear head effigy, small copper sheeting, polished animal teeth, as well as parts of implements including arrowheads, points and drills that were made from animal bones or rocks.  Some of the group tested their skills at sifting excavated soil through screens in order to isolate the artifacts.  It was amazing to learn what observation and identification skills an archaeologist needs to find the artifacts left on the screens.  This was a great educational opportunity for our Chapter!




Cindy Paschke
WEN Ohio President