North Texas Chapter: Board Readiness Program

North Texas Chapter: Board Readiness Program
Have you considered joining a corporate or large non-profit Board of Directors? Join WEN for our Board Readiness 201 event on Friday, October 1st.

 The Board Readiness Program, created by Deloitte, includes educational and networking programs offered for highly skilled current and retired executives who have the interest and experience to be considered for nomination to a public company board or directorship, but who might not have a playbook for starting the journey.

 Deloitte's program is geared towards women with 20+ years of work experience. The WEN event on October 1st will provide attendees the opportunity to gain insight into how to position themselves for board opportunities. The program agenda will address questions such as: 
What can you do to be an ideal board candidate? 
How do you prepare yourself to serve on a board? 
How do you find board opportunities? 

This event will be offered virtually with an in-person watch party hosted at Deloitte Dallas office. If you plan to attend the watch party, please use this page to register. If you plan to attend virtually, register here.


Registration Deadline:
September 30

Recordings Prohibited:
WEN is an organization that provides educational opportunities to members and nonmembers; however, recording of the presentation, speaker, and / or content is prohibited. The presentation is property of the speaker and/or their organization and is not to be removed from the event without prior written consent. The Board may and will take remedial action against any individual, member, or any program participant in the event of non-adherence to this policy. Such action may range from a private or company-led warning, to suspension of WEN membership for a stated term or a prohibition on attending future WEN events. 

Data Use:
By registering for this event, you are opting to receive future email communication from the Women’s Energy Network. You may opt out at a later date.

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Photos, videos and screen shots captured by WEN may be used in association advertising, newsletters and other promotional materials, whether in print, electronic or other media, including the WEN website. By registering for this event, you grant WEN the right to use your likeness for such purposes.

If you are experiencing problems registering, we recommend that you try another browser, such as Chrome. We also recommend that you register from your phone or personal computer as some companies have security settings that do not allow access to our site or some of our registration functions. If you continue to have problems or have questions, please email us at [email protected].  

This event will take place from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Central Time. The time zone shown on your confirmation may be in Eastern Time. Please convert to your local time when adding to your calendar.

10/1/2021 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Deloitte Dallas office 2200 Ross Ave Dallas, TX 75201-6703 UNITED STATES

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