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Elevating the Ask: The Art of Transforming Perspective Through Inquiry



We’ve spent so much time becoming subject matter experts and developing expertise and sometimes we start limiting…ourselves. We limit solutions. We limit voices. We speak in declarative sentences, firmly planting a period on the end when a moment of curiosity bubbling into the space would include new voices, create the spirit of invitation, and add the spark to collaboration. Our desire to fix overruns the joy of solving.
When we talk about growth mindset, resilience, and growth, the successful are asking questions. Questions generate trust. A hearty “I don’t know, can you help me?” can generate trust. Trust at work, at home, in your community. Trust that softens failures and mistakes and allows another chance to try. Trust that prioritizes innovation and creativity over exhaustion and endurance. Trust that unlocks the unspoken ideas that could be the next great moment for your organization.
Let’s flex our curiosity muscles with different types of inquiry and create a toolbox of behaviors that condition us to expand into the inquiry-driven conversation, expand into the more, expand into change.

Speaker Bio:
A performance strategist with a finger on the pulse of the challenging conversations teams and individuals face around the language of leadership, Linda focuses on values-driven performance, active feedback, and outcomes.

In demand as a speaker, facilitator, and coach, her humorous storytelling encourages participation and inclusivity in audiences ranging from undergraduates to C-Suite executives and Boards. She combines deep experience in human resources with a passionate approach to service to deliver thoughtful programs that center adventure, vibrancy, exploration, and challenge as a path to success.

She’s an adjunct leadership professor at the University of Central Oklahoma, and a recognized HR industry leader holding positions on the OKHR State SHRM Council and Oklahoma Metro Employers’ Council. Her certifications include SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. A self-described performance locksmith (and leadership nerd!), she helps organizations, teams and individuals liberate curiosity and confidence on the path to innovation and creativity. She’s been known to be found on big horses and small boats when she’s not working!


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June 7th, 2022

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Free lot south of the building shared with Packard’s.

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6/9/2022 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM
Central Daylight Time
Crew Workspace - Catering by Torchy's Tacos 619 W. Main St Ok, OK 73102 UNITED STATES

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