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Join WEN South Texas for a fun evening of networking and an opportunity to connect with your personal energy with an Aura Photo by Barbra Kerford.


What is an Aura?

Your aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and permeates your body. The aura is colored by your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states of being.

Aura photography uses a bio-feedback sensors that takes readings from your hand, that information is sent to the imaging camera where it is translated into a photo of your energy field. The photo gives you insight into your inner self, by giving you a visual representation of your aura.

What can your Aura photo reveal to you?

It can reveal almost anything about a person –personality type, work they do; exercise and diet regimes; unresolved emotional and mental issues; how grounded or ungrounded a person is.

Understanding the spiritual significance of your aura can help you gain intel on things such as relationships, both personal and professional or deeper parts of yourself. “Knowing your aura means you know who you are and how your everyday experiences, interactions, and exchanges shape you and your existence."

Owner, Barbara Kerford, loves traveling to events taking photos, and interpreting auras-especially in San Antonio where she was born and raised! Everyone has a beautiful aura, the colors in your aura can change as can the placement of those colors. With that information, Barbara can give you a little more insight into yourself and your personality.

Barbara has studied a variety of metaphysical modalities over the last 20 years. She performs Angel Readings, Integrated Energetic Therapies, Reiki, the Pulse Technique and Aura Photos. Barbara’s energy work clients have noticed a difference in many areas of their lives, including opportunities opening up for them, a better understanding of themselves, more peace and clarity and a clearer picture of where they want their lives to go.

Every aura photo session comes with your printed photo, an interpretation of your energy field, and a pamphlet detailing the various colors found in your aura.

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6/29/2022 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
Stone Werks At The Rim 5807 Worth Pkwy San Antonio, TX 78257 UNITED STATES

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