President’s Message

Challenges and Opportunities

We are three!

2021 is here and February marks the start of our chapter’s third year. I feel as much excitement as a 3-year-old at the moment. Being three can be fun, but it can also be challenging, right? One of our main challenges is that the chapter is still young, learning, growing and trying to figure out what’s next. We also found it a challenge to retool our group during the changing environment of 2020. We learned the meaning of new words like “pandemic," “pivot," “virtual programming” and figured out how they were going to change our model! Finally, we experienced some changes in our board, our families, and jobs. It wasn’t easy.

But with change, we found great excitement. For instance, we have welcomed two new board members to our chapter. I am excited to collaborate with them as we continue to improve on the things we started. We have welcomed Marisa Rau from International Development Corp. who is our new director at large and Natalie Clarke, the coordinator of external affairs at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, who is our new director of marketing and communications. In an upcoming issue, we will provide you a more personal insight into both these ladies. Welcome!

And thank you to outgoing board members who contributed so much to getting our chapter started.

As we begin the first quarter of 2021, the chapter will focus on reconnecting with current members and will open some events to nonmembers so they can see what WEN is all about and join. Our hope is to continue to strengthen the relationships we have formed and make new connections.

We will do this by creating more opportunities to connect virtually until we can safely resume in-person events. Initially, we will keep things simple so we can hear from YOU. We want to discuss what you hope to see this chapter accomplish this year. Please join us so we can work towards providing content that is important to you.

Sherry Paulhamus

2021 President, WEN Susquehanna Valley Chapter