President’s Message

Dear WEN Utah (WENU),

WEN Utah is such a great group of women – I feel lucky to serve as president this year and am excited to get to know more of our members. We are off to a great start this year – and WEN Utah is a great place to be if you want to learn more about energy, network with fabulous women who will inspire and identify with you, and just to have a good time with other energy nerds in case your family and friends just roll their eyes when you start taking about electrons or drills or smoke stacks. 

I have been with WENU since we started a few short years ago. WENU has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women – many of whom I run into now in work situations. It’s so nice to know more people in our work community. We have a great Board of Directors, with women from many different sides of the energy world – oil and gas, renewables, transmission, engineering, environment, finance, and real estate – to name just a few. And it is these women and our fantastic members who really make exciting things happen. Please take a look at both our past and planned future events. WENU is a great place to stay plugged in to the energy world. 

WENU’s long-standing mission is to support women in the local energy industry with networking opportunities, a sense of community, mentoring, and leadership development. As we transition to the “new normal”, this year presents a great opportunity to re-engage – meet new people, get out in person again, and re-energize your excitement about working in the energy field. And for those of you just starting out – WENU is a great place to learn about opportunities and talk to women who have navigated this career path successfully. 

WENU is also a safe place for people from all walks of life. We are committed to equity and diversity, and we hope you will bring your perspectives to our group as we all strive to learn more about the best ways to achieve and support inclusion and diversity. We also partner with other WEN National chapters to hear from a broader range of backgrounds and experience and share our Utah perspective.
We are all excited about the constantly changing energy world, and the challenges and opportunities it presents. My own company, PacifiCorp, has found great value by sponsoring employee participation in WENU. We would be happy to talk with you or your company about membership options and how WENU contributes to improved morale and job satisfaction. By investing in our members through education, self-awareness, and building relationships, WENU will lay a strong foundation for future generations of women in energy.

Excited to see you all at our exciting events – and we would love to have your help with our committees and future Board positions. Don’t be shy to reach out to me or any of our Board Directors. We are a pretty welcoming bunch!

Marie Bradshaw Durrant
2022 President