Chapter Education Fund

The Foundation for the Women’s Energy Network has developed a Chapter Education Fund ("CEF") to engage with WEN chapters and their charitable and educational programming. The CEF allows donors to make gifts that specifically and directly address the needs of their local chapter and community. All donations contributed to the Chapter Education Funds are considered tax-deductible by the IRS, to the extent provided by law.

All chapters of the Women’s Energy Network are welcome to establish a CEF with the Foundation. All gifts to the CEF will be held by the Foundation as restricted gifts for the sole benefit of the chapter, community, and its members. CEF accounts are established for educational and philanthropic purposes only and disbursement of funds is at the discretion of the Directors of the Foundation.

Potential uses for the CEF include:

  • Scholarships
  • Leadership training
  • Educational initiatives
  • STEM-related activities
  • Charitable endeavors
Assets of individual CEF accounts are accounted for separately. Gifts designated for a specific chapter will be used exclusively for charitable and educational purposes that benefit the members and community of that chapter unless the Foundation’s Board of Directors determines that such uses would jeopardize the Foundation’s tax-exempt status or would be inconsistent with the Foundation’s charitable philanthropic and educational purposes. Each chapter and its board of directors are responsible for soliciting funds for said CEF. The Foundation will issue an acknowledgment to each donor for each gift donated through the Foundation for tax purposes.

To learn more about or to open a CEF, please contact the Foundation at the link above.

Open a CEF