Executive Membership

WEN launched its Executive Membership tier in January 2011.  The goal of this tier was to provide an innovative forum for Executive Women Leaders in the Energy industry to network, exchange and develop new ideas and become visible role models. Currently the only chapters offering Executive Membership are Houston, South Louisiana and North Texas.


To be the premiere networking organization for Executive Level women in the energy industry.


  • Private networking with industry peers
  • Exchange knowledge with women of various backgrounds in the energy industry
  • Give back by developing younger women of work in energy industry
  • Support other Executive women and progress professional development
  • Be visible role models and support progressing the careers of standard WEN members by participating as Leaders of WEN Mentoring Circles or as speakers at WEN monthly luncheons
  • Build and develop the pipeline of women working in the Energy industry by serving as table host at WEN’s annual Young Women Energized Event
  • Expand industry knowledge and network with peers by participating in WEN’s Executive Women’s Energy Forum, Executive networking events & other programs developed specifically for Executive Level Women


  • Membership is limited to women occupying a senior executive position within an energy company or company serving the energy industry.  Vice President, President, C-Suite or equivalent in energy company or company serving the energy industry, subject to Board Approval.
  • Equity partners and shareholders status, serving energy industry clients, are also eligible for consideration subject to Board Approval.
  • Potential members, must have five or more years of executive leadership experience with at least 5 years within the energy industry.
  • Candidates must show demonstrated interaction at a Executive level with corporate/business community with significant clients served in the energy industry
  • Be a recognized leader in their field and have established sphere of influence
  • Demonstrated leadership track record in civic and community activities with the last 5 years
  • Each invited member must submit a resume or CV demonstrating her sphere of influence, community involvement, and commitment to WEN’s mission.

Membership dues vary per chapter: Houston membership is $500/year, South Louisiana is $250/year, and North Texas membership is $300/year.

Members at this tier will enjoy complimentary attendance to all events targeted for the Executive level WEN tier, i.e., the WEN Executive Forum. If you are already a standard WEN member, the cost of the standard membership will be subtracted from the membership fee.

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Don’t miss your chance to network with other Senior Executives! If you are interested in being a WEN Executive member, please submit your resume or CV to the the following: