WEN Frequently Asked Questions with Answers!

Membership FAQs

  • Who can join WEN?
  • If I change jobs, how do I keep my WEN membership active?
    • Answer: If you were a corporate member at your previous job, you can now become an individual member apply here.
  • How do I view my WEN membership profile?
    • Answer: Login to the WEN membership site here. On the menu bar select My Profile.
  • How can I view my WEN membership expiration date?
    • Answer: Login to your profile and select the Participation tab to view.
  • My membership expired, now what can I do?

Event FAQs

  • How do I add our chapter event to the WEN event calendar online?
    • Answer: Submit an online Event Setup Request Form here to send the request to WEN Headquarters. You will be sent the link to view the event page for approval.
  • How do I change our chapter event after is has been posted?
  • Why can’t I see the button to register when I go to the event page?
    • Answer: To register for chapter events, you must sign in.
  • How do non-members register?
    • Answer: Non-members that have not previously created an account, click the Create a new account link to set one up and then sign-in to register for events.
  • Can I invite other chapters to our chapter event?
    • Answer: Not at this time, communications are provided only to your chapter affiliated subscribers.
  • Can I post an event to the calendar that has its own webpage and registration?
    • Answer: Yes, submit the Event Setup Request Form and include the Registration URL for us to link your event registration.

Email FAQs

  • How do I submit a request for a chapter email campaign?
    • Answer: Complete the online Email Communication Request Form. You will receive a draft of your email to approve. You can upload images and files to ensure you provide all materials before submitting.
  • What are the differences in the types of lists to use for our chapter email campaign?
    • Chapter Current Members: This list pulls chapter active members at the time the email is sent.
    • Chapter Expired Members: This list pulls active and nonactive members for your chapter.
    • Non-members: This list includes active and nonactive members, and anyone that has attended previous events in your chapter, or has signed up to be on your mailing list.
  • Some people are not receiving my chapter emails, why?
    • Answer: This will vary. Here are the top reasons:
      • They are no longer an active member. Check your WEN profile.
      • The email is incorrect in our system. Check your WEN profile.
      • The email goes to a work account that has a firewall that blocks email campaign traffic. Be sure to white list all emails from @womensenergynetwork.org
    • Request assistance at chapterrelations@womensenergynetwork.org.
  • How do potential members subscribe to my chapter email list so they can be notified of upcoming events?
    • Visit the chapter’s website and scroll down to the “Subscribe to Mailing List” box and complete the form.