The Cohort is a year-long leadership program supported by world-class consultants and coaches with proven content to help improve your individual performance, enhance your team performance, and progress your organization culture. This program, facilitated by Yielded Consulting, is meant to help WEN members grow individually and as a leader within your specific context. 

Topics to be covered:  

  • Leadership Identity (strengths, power and vulnerabilities) 
  • Purpose, values and priorities for maximum impact 
  • Effects of pressure and stress on performance 
  • Diversity of perspective 
  • Communicating and executing vision 
  • Influence 
  • Employee development  


Resources to be used:

  • Leader 360 
  •  Leadership personality assessments
  •  Online digital learning platform
  •  Leadership and emotional intelligence framework and tools
  •  Collective learning lessons 


  • Forum and Group Coaching
  • One in-person concluding Forum for entire cohort (likely Fall)
  • Highly customized 1:1 Performance Coaching
  • Begins with a Leader 360



Expected outcomes: 

  •  Increased self-awareness resulting in improved individual performance 
  • Greater leadership acumen by learning and exercising emotional intelligence
  • Higher personal and professional capacity 


The application process is open annually. Dates for the 2024 Global Leadership Cohort will be shared soon. Questions? Please contact