WEN National is looking for volunteers to serve on various committees. If interested, please complete the below Volunteer Application.

We need your help to make WEN a continued success in delivering on our mission. The benefits of volunteering are limitless and the POWER is in your hands to make a difference not only for WEN but also within your own personal and professional lives:

  • Make important networking contacts
  • Learn or develop skills
  • Teach your skills to others
  • Enhance your résumé
  • Meet new people


WEN National Volunteer Application

  • Part 1: Volunteer Contact Information

  • Part 2: Volunteer Area of Interest (by General Role)

  • WEN is looking for volunteers to lead communities of practice. The leaders of these practices would share industry trends, ideas and discussion on specific areas, i.e. supply chain, business development, etc. If you are interested, please let us know the community in which you would like to lead.

    Once you have completed the Volunteer Form, you will be connected with the appropriate committee Director.  Please send any questions to the WEN President at president@womensenergynetwork.org.  Thank you!