Global Partners

WEN prides itself on being a good business and community partner within the energy industry. Organizations interested in partnering with WEN need to meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Extend WEN’s reach across different energy companies and industry sectors
  • Extend WEN’s reach to women who work in energy
  • Provide programs and resources to empower women in their careers
  • Provide programming on industry topics and professional development
  • Enable relationship building and professional development
  • Provide programs to attract young women to the energy industry
  • Recognize achievement of women who work in energy industry
  • Gain high-caliber members who act as role models and mentors
  • Improve access to businesses and potential sponsors

All partnership requests are reviewed by a committee of Global Board Members. If you're interested in learning more about becoming a partner, please email for details. Read on to learn more about our current Global Partners!



Flourish Consult Group

Flourish Consult Group LLC specializes in partnering with organizations to optimize their staff's well-being through comprehensive stress management solutions. Our mission is to empower high-performing employees to achieve peak performance, resilience, and creativity. Through tailor-made workshops, personalized coaching, and engaging speaking events, we equip teams with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in today's demanding work environments. 

We firmly believe that fostering a culture of health and happiness among employees is not only beneficial for individual well-being but also essential for building sustainable, profitable companies. In our world, everyone is meant to FLOURISH. 

Partnership Details
WEN Global will engage Flourish Consult Group to provide relevant webinars to members in 2024. For more details, please email

Flourish Consult

Iridium Helps

We've partnered with Iridium Helps to provide you with access to exclusive career support and resources. Iridium Helps, founded by sisters Caley and Whitney Van Cleave, is specifically designed to empower women at all stages of their careers in the energy industry.

As a WEN member, you now have access to Iridium Helps' featured courses, workshops, guides, workbooks, live 60-minute one-on-one Help Sessions, and asynchronous On-demand 1:1 advising. Some of the key areas where you can receive support include 1:1 help with raise & offer negotiations, changing careers and jobs, hiring assistance, and more!

We encourage you to explore the valuable resources available to WEN Members by clicking on the image to the left and registering your free account. Download any of the free guides to get started, check out the courses, or book a 1:1 session to discuss your specific career challenges and opportunities.

Partnership Details

WEN members will receive access to tools that will support you at every step of your career and/or with your hiring process. Iridium Helps will also provide a virtual educational session with a relevant topic each year for all members.


Iridium Helps

Leading NOW

Leading NOW is an award-winning certified women-owned leadership development and diversity & inclusion consultancy that guides current and future leaders in creating more equitable organizations. Leading NOW focuses on building cultures of inclusion, developing inclusive leaders, and provides leadership development programs & skill-building workshops for underrepresented talent to prepare them for leadership roles. 

Leading NOW uses its research in talent development and gender dynamics as the basis for customizing and delivering innovative solutions, unique insights, actionable tools, and a business focus in women’s skill sets. And, is able to offer a series of innovative and interactive workshop sessions developed specifically for conferences & events which are designed to inspire and engage audiences. As a highly sought strategic partner, Leading NOW offers expertise in customized content-creation and program delivery to any organization or association who wants to deliver world-class content to industry conferences.  

Leading NOW’s consultative and collaborative approach ensures that high-performing women move confidently and consistently through the leadership pipeline. #FutureForward

Partnership Details
WEN Global and its Chapters will work with Leading NOW to create and execute custom programming for its members. For more details, please email

Leading NOW


SEI Women in Solar Power Program

Solar Energy International’s (SEI) Women in Solar Power program is a highly innovative approach to training women for jobs in the solar industry, addressing both the industry’s urgent need for workforce expansion and supporting career development for a diverse population of women. An unspoken deterrent to pursuing a career in the solar industry has been the predominance of men. Yet the solar industry offers a multitude of lucrative job prospects with a clear career path forward, and women across the world have invaluable expertise, skills and perspectives to contribute to the clean energy revolution. This program is unequivocally for them. There is no question that positive change will result from more women being an integral part of solar industry initiatives in the US and across the world. SEI is dedicated to help meet the ballooning workforce needs of the solar industry, and making sure women are not just included, but a driving force in the change to renewable energy.

Partnership Details
WEN members receive complimentary access to the SEI Women in Solar Power Online Learning Community, which provides unique resources for women looking to embark on or enrich their careers in solar energy. SEI provides a combination of free tools and online courses that support women looking to transition into the solar industry and/or continue their education. Visit their website and get registered today!

As an added bonus, active WEN Members receive a $50 discount for all of SEI's PV (english) and FV(spanish) training during 2024! Use code WEN2024 at checkout to receive this benefit. 

PLUS don't miss out on the all-women solar lab week that SEI is offering September 30-Octoberr 4, 2024. Check it out sooner than later as spots are limited!

SEI Image