Dear WEN-GP Members, Friends & Supporters,

Thank you all for being members and associates of this great organization and allowing me to serve you as incoming WEN-GP President.

Although my nearly 25 years of consulting experience has allowed me quite a bit of variability, the majority of the time has been, in some way, related to the energy sector. It all began with my first air permit application for a waste-to-energy facility and has continued to this day as I manage several energy-related clients as a Vice President and Office Lead for Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC). Most recently focusing on renewable energy (natural gas, solar, wind, renewable natural gas plants, etc.), I am aspirational that my diverse experiences will positively contribute to the leadership of WEN-GP.

I am incredibly excited for 2024! Our primary goal is to rebuild, strengthen, and energize the relationships between professionals in the energy sector throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. We look forward to hosting various educational, social, and community activities. Together with my dynamic group of board members, we hope our programming this year will entice you to not only join us but also help enhance our chapter overall.

As our organization grows, we need to put in extra effort for outreach and increase the number of members to expand further. So, I am asking all of you for your help; whether you are a brand-new member or a veteran, think about what opportunities WEN-GP has given you and what more we could offer because I believe the possibilities are endless. Then, share your thoughts with a friend, colleague, fellow WEN-GP member, or me; I’d love to hear from you.

I hope to see you soon!


Jennifer Flannery
2024 WENGP President