The WEN Southeast Louisiana Chapter was started in 2009 with approximately 37 members. Our vision for the region was to encourage professional women in southeast Louisiana working within the energy industry to join together to provide a networking forum and environment of enrichment (personal and professional). The idea was to start in New Orleans and Baton Rouge and eventually grow to Lafayette, the Northshore, and maybe further west (Lake Charles) as interest grew among current and potential members.

South Louisiana is at the center of the economic growth of the energy industry, from the exploration and production and service companies who find and produce needed natural resources, to the pipeline companies who transport the production and products, to the refineries who transform the production into usable material.

Since our founding, the WEN SLA Chapter has become a thriving group dedicated to furthering the professional networks of women in energy fields.

Founding Chapter Board Members:

  • Dana Douglas (President)
  • Allison Plaisance (Vice President)
  • Karen Brignac (Treasurer)
  • Christin McGhee (Communications Director)
  • Kelly Brechtel Becker (Membership Director)
  • Colleen Carr Jarrott (Secretary)
  • Kristi Trail (Special Events & Networking Director)
  • Dr. Linda Cummings (NO Program Director)
  • Pam Mascari (Baton Rouge Program Director)