I have had the good fortune to meet most of the chapter members, Board Members, and Founders of the Mexico Chapter of Women's Energy Network (WEN), which started in 2017.

Since its inception, WEN Mexico has been a beacon of support and networking opportunities, fostering women's professional development and leadership in the energy industry. Your involvement has been key to this success, and I am proud to be a part of this journey.

WEN has a global network of over 7,000 members who share an interest in energy in its different branches and specialties.

In Mexico, we have managed to integrate approximately 100 women and men professionals who have the opportunity to have exposure to specialized media and recognized events, employment opportunities, social action, strategic alliances, our face-to-face and virtual events, biannual conferences, and using WEN Global's digital tools.

Since October 2023, I have had the great honor of being entrusted by the Board to lead the Mexico Chapter. I am filled with excitement and motivation to not only maintain what the chapter has achieved but also to expand our network. I envision a future where more women in different regions of the country can seize the opportunities for growth that WEN provides, just as many of us have. Together, we will continue to strengthen our WEN family.

I look forward to what this year brings personally and professionally with this fantastic community!

I wish you a wonderful year and hope to see you soon!

Eneida Gongora - WEN Mexico President