WEN Greater Atlanta was established in May 2012. After the initial kickoff meeting, the chapter registered 73 members by the fall of 2012, and has grown substantially every year since then!

The vision and mission of the Greater Atlanta chapter is to provide networking opportunities for women energy professionals in the Greater Atlanta Area. The short term vision of the chapter is to open up an avenue of networking and mentoring that has not previously been open to women in the energy industry within the Southeast. Our long term vision is to keep that avenue open, and to increase the chapter’s visibility and influence as a local organization of professional women. We want members and potential members to view the Greater Atlanta Chapter of WEN as a necessary component of their professional growth, and the general public to view the chapter as a positive contributor to the growth of the local community.

The founders and initial board members of the Greater Atlanta chapter were

  • Julie Friedberg, President
  • Tina Smith, Vice President
  • Angela Nagy, Treasurer
  • Nora Bryant, Secretary
  • Sonnet Edmonds, Secretary
  • Carol Terry, Communications Director
  • Lois Mason, Membership Director
  • Vanessa Edmonds, Public & Industry Relations Director
  • Judith Fuller, Program Director
  • Leslie Marler, Special Events & Networking Director
  • Renee Defelippi, Special Events & Networking Director
  • Melissa Caen, Special Events & Networking Director