Members, Friends, and Supporters of WEN Greater NYC,

It is with honor and excitement that I step into the role of President for WEN GNYC chapter.

Our chapter is built on the foundation of your dedication, passion, and expertise, with each one of you bringing a unique skill set and perspective to the network, enriching our community and fueling progress. Through our collective efforts, we will continue to provide opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and networking, ensuring that every member has access to the resources they need to succeed in the energy sector.

I am also incredibly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the impact we will make in 2024. Whether you have been with us for years, new to our chapter, or considering membership, I extend a warm invitation to you all. Whether through active participation in our events, engaging in meaningful discussions, or simply spreading the word about our chapter, your involvement is vital to our collective success.

Together, let us continue expanding our community across the energy value chain, shaping the future of our industry for generations to come.

I look forward to seeing you at WEN GNYC!



Oksana Khariv
2024 WEN Greater New York City Chapter President