Community Initiatives

The Greater Oklahoma Chapter of WEN is committed to community partnerships that will enhance our ability to reach young women across our state. With carefully selected STEM activities, we allow our participants to explore their curiosity about science and engineering while learning various applications in the exciting world of energy. Through partnerships with Girl Scouts and others, our members volunteer their time to share their passion and introduce young ladies to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math so we can develop their interests in subjects that will lead them into scientific and technical careers.

We believe we have an obligation to recruit and prepare our next generation of women innovators and leaders. STEM education is vital to developing a diverse, creative future workforce and plays a key role in the long term sustainability of our industry. STEM outreach is important to WEN, important to the energy industry and important to Oklahoma.

Take a look at our YouTube channel – WEN Oklahoma – to see how we’re partnering with our communities.

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